WWRF36 takes place immediately after the 1st Global 5G Forum event, also in Beijing. Further details of this event can be accessed via

Welcome to the 36th Meeting of the Wireless World Research Forum

with the theme "5G – New Markets and Challenges"

Co-organized with:

China Mobile , FuTURE Forum , IEEE ComSoc Beijing Chapter , Huawei Technologies

The theme of 36th meeting builds on previous WWRF  5G Huddles and the 35th Meeting which focused on delivering a sustainable 5G ecosystem. The 36th meeting will focus on what needs to be done to make the 5G vision a reality and also to explore new applications and the challenges they present.  This is an opportunity to influence and drive WWRF’s new initiative on Vertical Industry Platforms (VIPs), currently comprising Connected Car, 5G e/m-Health and Wearables working groups to accelerate the deployment of 5G. In addition, the various technical working groups offer opportunities to advance the state of the art of the various technologies relevant to 5G and their application to the VIPs.

This 2-day meeting will also offer a platform to assess the outcomes of WRC-15 and the candidate bands that have been identified for 5G, as well as looking forward at the challenges that lie ahead as we move towards wide-scale rollout by 2020. The newly formed “High-Frequency Technologies” group will address this challenge. VIP is further supported by another newly formed group focusing on “End-to-end Network Slicing” focusing on how to enable multiple vertical industry network functions and services with one network infrastructure. 

To sum up, this meeting will focus on a number of vertical markets and on the potential new 5G markets they can offer, and will provide a glimpse of the potential of the 5G future.

Plenary Sessions will also focus on:

Providing the spectrum to fuel the 5G eco-system

Plotting new markets for 5G to 2020 and beyond

Delivering a robust and secure 5G network to support VIP

New technology solutions and directions to accelerate standardisation and commercialization of 5G

Why attend the meeting

Focus on future strategies
Discuss views of key industrial leaders
Get a full overview of the latest in 5G implementations and visions
Use unique networking opportunities
Hear about trends and new ideas in wireless communications
Share insights on research discussions and visions of the Wireless World.